Scribble #11

People often ask why religion is a thing. It’s a good question, because it’s a difficult one to answer. Why do so many people look to worship a god of some kind? Well, I had it explained to me in one sentence. “In every human heart, there is a God-shaped void.” The more you think about it, the more you realize how true it is. From the beginning of time, humanity has searched for a way to fill that void, and from that desire came hundreds of different religions. Different religions, different denominations, different sects of varying beliefs. The reason people find religion is because they need it. They need something to stand for, they need a flag to carry, they need a hope to fill a part of their hearts that can’t be filled by something else. So…why does humanity chase religion? Simply, because we subconsciously want to.


– Sterexscribbles

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