Scribble #10

So I remember hearing about an experiment done on a documentary where they put people in a room and left them there. Feel’s pretty bland, right? Well, it was actually kind of funny. The room itself reflected the essence of a standard, soul-suckingly drab, corporate office meeting room. There were a few basic decorations, but for the most part the room was dull and not special. On a nearby stand was an electric buzzer, and the experiment was to see if a human being would rather periodically (lightly) taser themselves for excitement than be left to deal with the lack of energy in the room with just their imagination. It was honestly really funny seeing people get up at times, look longingly at the buzzer, then buzz themselves. Life can feel drab. Life can feel monotonous, and I feel like the experiment was the perfect way to visualize how we sometimes “buzz” ourselves IRL to keep from dealing with the fact that we feel empty. Empty, often due to a God-shaped void that can’t be filled with material things. Empty, because we often neglect the assurance of a higher power, a God.


– Sterexscribbles

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