Scribble #4

You ever just be doing something (something entirely random and unimportant) but then the room grows quiet and you get slammed with a wave of “existential crisis?” You know those moments? Those mental “woah” moments. Those moments where you think about the vastness of the universe, and how unbelievably insignificant we seem in the grand scheme of things. It makes you question what you do. What you plan to do. What you’re doing in that moment. You wonder if there’s any point in doing what you are doing if we’ll turn to dust and be forgotten anyway. If we’ll simply become one with a universe that doesn’t seem to care for the little guy. In these moments I remember that even if the creator has a final plan, a destination for my life, I truly don’t know where life is gonna take me. I’ve got to make the choices I can with the gift of free will, and continue to believe that a difference can be made. Leaving a legacy doesn’t warrant worrying about what happens to your name when you no longer exist. Those that leave a legacy are those that choose to make the most out of the choices they are given, even if there is a greater plan in place.


– Sterexscribbles

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