God and Science?

God n Science

Science, in a nutshell, is a compilation of expectations.  If I were to let go of an object at a height, it would fall and make impact with any surface below; whether a few centimeters or miles away.  If this happens fifty times in a row, the scientific expectation is that on the fifty-first time the object, once let go of, will also plummet and will make impact with the surface below.  This, as we can all tell, is an applied example of gravity at work.

What about God?  Can we really fit Him into a box using science?  There are plenty of common debates on the internet where either Christians attempt to explain God using humankind’s understanding of our world and beyond, or those opposing religion attempt to use science to debunk the existence of God.  However, how effective is such an approach to belief in God’s existence?  That’s what we’ll take a look at in this blog post – God and science.

Okay, let’s be real.  All science exists because of the one who created it, so let’s think about if its fair to use science to try and explain the existence of God to those who oppose it.  My answer is yes, to an extent.  The concept of belief is just that, BELIEF.  Nearly everywhere that God has performed 1-on-1 miracles, He mentions faith.  “Go, for your faith has made you well.”  Not your understanding of quarks, leptons or bosons.  Faith is a passion, a fervor, and a feeling beyond just emotion.  Can we really produce faith from an understanding of God using science.  Not really.  I truly support using science as preacher Louie Giglio who through his narrative strikes awe of Him in the hearts of the people.  It really shows a tangible connection between mortals and the one who created this world.  Using science to prove the existence of a greater power’s work is a not a bad thing.  It’s a way to touch and feel the evidence of a creator, but using science to develop faith is not something supported by the Bible.  Those who believed, just BELIEVED.  They didn’t need science or works, they just needed faith.  And their faith made them well.  Faith built on just a tangible idea like science, is that faith at all?  Not truly.  Science is a great supporting pillar, but science as a foundation for belief in Christ, or in deity is not ideal.  It causes doubts, and causes people to attempt to fit God into the borders of what we believe is real, when in truth there is much about our own home planet that we don’t understand.  We’ll talk more about this in a bit.

What about the more common use for science in the arena of debating on God’s existence?  Using science to debunk the existence of God – Is it really fair to do that,? Can you really use science as a stable form of evidence against God, especially when those that say they don’t believe in religion often do?   What people often call Mother Nature and her path of evolution is what those who believe in a God call God and his creation.  Using science to prove that God isn’t real is like stepping on a sinking ship.  The thought of using science to debunk the existence of a greater being falls apart for one basic reason.  The whole concept of God and his relationship with the world of mortals is one that remains entirely out of the borders of science, because that is precisely what God is.  If God is limited by the space-time continuum, then He is no God.  The idea behind God is that HE is a supreme being who is above, outside of the space-time barrier who can alter things within it.  God is not a God limited by our limitations.

What exactly is the space-time continuum?  Well, to make up our universe we have three basic elements, proven by the very science that people use to destroy the belief in God.  You have space, time, and matter.  You can’t have matter without space because you’d have nowhere to put it.  You can’t have matter without time because you wouldn’t know when to put it.  You can see where this could go from here.  These three things makes up the continuum, the very universe we live in.  Now if we attempt to use science, something limited to our physical space-time continuum, to explain something clearly greater than it (God), then we are defeating the purpose of having a God.

God is real, and He exists beyond our physical universe, for a God restrained by what chains humankind is not a God.  When we humans invent something, we change it, we innovate it.  If humankind were to develop a new computer, we know for a fact that there was a brain and a consciousness behind that invention.  It would be absolutely ridiculous to say that the computer came from a bag of broken rocks that someone stood in an empty room and shook for millions of years.  Anyone would tell you that that’s not possible.  How then, can an entire world of sentient beings come from something like the big bang.  If the big bang had to occur then we have a greater question.  Where did the universe before the big bang come from?  Who created the components for the big bang?  This is why using science to do away with belief in God is an idea that just falls apart.

God is greater than science than what we can ever know.  He is very real, but to attempt to cage His worth using our understanding of the world would be an insult to his existence.  Deep down we can all agree that there has to be a sentient being behind the creation.  There’s no way a car shattered to pieces can just come out of the dump made entirely new without some sentient being behind its restoration.  In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  Even though the heavens declare his greatness, and every cell in our bodies shows just how closely we are connected to Christ, using science to put a barrier around God’s value or to prove his lack of existence is something that just can’t be done.  Faith is something that can’t be built out of science.  It’s not something you can learn like biology or chemistry.  Yet, faith as small as a mustard seed can do miracles.  Miracles that we can’t believe in if we attempt to explain God with our limited understanding.  God is not just an idea, He is the driving factor for our very existence.  Each cell, each elementary particle was divinely designed by someone from above.  His name is Jesus Christ.

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