An Afternoon to Remember

Here’s a quick little story for you: Last week; June 1, 2019, was an awesome day.  For those of you that don’t know, I was invited to speak at the annual Taste of the World block party, which was an absolute blast.  They had pony rides, a fun bus, more food from different cultures than you could imagine, and more.  Being able to share something with the crowd that was there was a special experience, and I wanted to share some of my experience with you.  (Below is the link to the video.  Check it out!  Like and subscribe!)

Anyway, the day started usually.  Woke up at 7 A.M. on a Saturday, and it was full steam ahead from there.  The whole morning our resources were split up, attending this event and that.  When we finally got to the block party at New Durham Chapel in Piscataway, we were running on fumes.  Dead tired and thirsty, we began another long run of tedious work, setting up for our music set to be played at the event.  My mind was focused on doing many things at that time, as you would expect:  I was mentally preparing to speak, I was setting up, I was testing my sound, warming up my voice, and I was quite pre-occupied with how my message and our songs would go.  (Quick note:  Whenever I reference us I’m referring to our band, the Levitz.  There’ll be a link for that down below, too.  Oh, and yes, I will be getting to my talk soon.)

After a song set which went splendidly, the band unhooked their instruments and busied themselves with a plethora of after-gig necessities.  One of them being staying hydrated, obviously.  Another being doing a maintenance check of our stuff and instruments.  The second we struck our last chord, I grabbed my notes and rushed to the podium, and began.  For details of my talk, watch the video, but this is a quick summary of my points.

June 1, 2019 (Post-talk recap)

I touched upon 3 main ideas during my talk, which was a comedic re-telling of Jesus’ Feeding the Five Thousand.

  • Be prepared to present.  When God needs something from you in order to act on a promise, shying away could result in loss of a miracle
  • Be hungry.  The crowd that gathered to listen to Jesus that day was created accidentally when Jesus was trying to take a break from the people. They stayed there for hours on end in the wilderness, listening to their Savior speak.  Jesus took compassion on them and taught them and healed the sick.  The reward comes to those with passion, with fervor.
  • God will provide.  The obvious takeaway from the story.  God taught those who hungered for him, and not bread and fish, and in return they were satisfied both mentally and physically.


I’m happy that the talk was well-received, and I answered some questions from the audience after the talk.  Now, for my comedic retelling and everything that made my talk my talk, take a look at the links.

June 1st Talk


Levitz Band (A link you can check out at your leisure)

Youtube: Levitz Band on Youtube


A special thanks and shout out to Pastor Rich Sivo and New Durham Chapel for the opportunity to speak at Taste of the World 2019.  It was an absolutely incredible experience!  Thanks a bunch!

P.S. If you have any questions about anything.  Anything at all, then put them in the comments.  I’m looking to do a Q&A or something of the sort.  If you’d like to, please send your questions in your comments on the blog and/or other social media platforms.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Now ask away!



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