The Greatest Story…

I know Easter weekend just went by, but I couldn’t let that monumental day go without a short poem for you all. The story of the crucifixion wasn’t one mundane event after another, and so the poem you’re about to read is one poem written in different styles to really make releasing it more enjoyable. Take a look!

Verse 1:

He entered the garden in the dead of night

Forsaking violence and all worldly might

His tears were His comfort and His own blood was His sweat

He was taken and in the dark of the dungeons he was kept

Verse 2:

He faced the fury of the multitudes

And the courts of Pilate

He was beaten and bruised, blood flowing colored a deep black and scarlet

Verse 3:

They sent him on his way on a grueling trek

Facing the sweltering heat of mid-day, on His path He kept

They set down his cross on the hill they called the skull

Golgotha was its name, a place where souls were rendered void and null

Verse 4:

They nailed him to the cross

A crown of thorns upon his head

Many believed the battle was lost

But by faith they were not lead

Verse 5:

Then he looked up to the sky

And spoke these words, Jesus Christ, the savior of worlds

“It is…”

F : the FURY and wrath of God had been satiated

I : IN bondage humanity was in no more

N : the NIGHT had passed and the morning of a new age had come

I : IN Christs’s loving embrace we are now found

S : Sin was abolished, stripped of its sting

H : HE bowed his battered Head, yet nobody knew the meaning of the final words he said

E : the ERA of prosperity was at hand, the reign of Christ

D : the pillars of DESTRUCTION and malice were torn down, and love and mercy were given the crown

For there is one who has witnessed death and has lived to tell

Of his return to heaven and his victory over hell

For the grave was but a precursor to glory

Another event in the greatest story…

– Steven George

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