Is a Dystopian Future Already Here?

Packaging. It’s all about packaging. It could be cigarettes, intoxicating drinks, it could be anything, people will buy it as long as it’s packaged well.

Sin, sin is just the same. In fact packaging is the whole basis that supports temptation. In the garden of Eden the serpent packaged the forbidden fruit as a miracle-working snack that would bring humankind god-like abilities, and Adam and Eve bought it.

Sin, whether you like it or not, appeals to the human nature. It’s an inevitable truth. In fact, cities like Las Vegas (home to some of the world’s most famous casinos) thrive on the sin industries. The sin industries are a history lesson for another day. (Let me know if you’d like to here about that!)

Why is it so easy for the world to ensnare us in it’s so-called pleasure? Packaging. Everything incorrect is packaged as the truth. Right is wrong and wrong is right, that’s what we’re told to believe. In dystopian novels we see depictions of dark futures. Futures in which self-seeking organizations control the thoughts and emotions of the public through manipulation. In the infamous novel Fahrenheit 451 the public’s mental restrictions puts a bar on the freedom of thought and expression. These organizations are in full leadership of the thoughts of the people, and often we shudder at the thought of a future where our thoughts are swayed through propaganda and false information, but how close is that future? In a way, it’s already here.

What is the world telling us today? It’s telling us that a lack of morality is acceptable and expected in today’s world. Miracles are accredited to science and medicine, smoking has become just another social outlet, drinking has become a way to flaunt wealth or display a cool and care-free attitude. These ideologies are no doubt the results of subtle influence from our culture, and our surroundings.

You think that sci-fi dystopian futures are still far off in the future? The truth of the matter is that the world is already controlling what we think, it’s tempting us through the magic of packaging. Be careful, don’t fall into the sin trap, for if you do, there might not be any escape.

(P.S. Don’t freak out, I’m not some loony conspiracy theorist, I’m just explaining Biblical events in a fun way. I’ve got more on the subject and if you’d like a part two, let me know!)

6 thoughts on “Is a Dystopian Future Already Here?

  1. Good job Steve! Yes, sin is wrapped in attractive wraps and marketed for people to buy and enjoy. But before long when they are too wrapped in it has its consequences. Let us pray for people around us. That their eyes will be opened to see the truth.


  2. Steve, it really is all about the packaging. Sadly, millions are duped and then saddled with the consequences and regrets. Praise the Lord He has provided a better Way through His Word and His Son. We will follow Him..not always the easier road, but we will always be eternally free!


  3. educational institutions , school and college text books or books of any kind , Media , every agency are mnd controlling agencies . They condition our minds , thats why when we ssy we seek help from god , we look to the world for answers . for eg : after worship when we enquire each other – we are quick to ask what did the dr say ? Th you
    the bible clearly says in genesis men’s hearts are wicked . And so what they do will be wicked ways . when we worship the lord – our musical instruments are the packaging . the sounds trumpets over the voice of the crowd …. Th you


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