In this age where access to anything is convenient, we often find everything that we could want at our fingertips.  With such convenience comes temptation to explore what isn’t meant to be, and what we feed our minds is tampered with by the desires of the soul.  Our input changes our output drastically.  Here’s what I mean…

Let’s take a mathematical equation, shall we?  A simple number sentence would be 5+5.  The answer?  10.  (I hope you knew that…). This is a known fact, but how did we reach our answer of ten?  Our output was determined by the addends.  Whatever you put into the equation will determine the answers at the end.  Likewise, listening to music like numbers from the death metal genre will severely impact you, and not in a good way.  People who live off these types of sounds often are very disturbed because of the dark underlying messages in death metal songs.  Those who fill themselves with lies and deceit will soon find out that malice is what fills their words.  Be careful of what goes in your heart, for that’s what comes back out.  The reflection of your personality lies in your own soul, and a soul blackened by filth will show in your actions.

10 thoughts on “INPUT VS. OUTPUT

  1. Thanks Steve for the ministry that you’re engaging at this age. I foresee you to be a mighty soul winner for Christ in the years to come.


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