As we have entered the digital information age, it becomes difficult to separate fact from fiction in many cases.  As Daniel J. Levitin records in his book A Field Guide to Lies: Critical Thinking In the Information Age, “We are a storytelling species, and a social species, easily swayed by the opinions of others.  We have three ways to acquire information: We can discover it ourselves, we can absorb it implicitly, or we can be told it explicitly.  Much of what we know about the world falls in this last category-somewhere along the line, someone told us a fact or we read about it, and so we know it only secondhand.  We rely on people with with expertise to tell us.” – Page 123.

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Years back we could rely on people with expertise, however with the rapid change in the ways of data circulation, those very people with expertise could be anyone with a Facebook username, and many times we mistake fake data for accurate info, even something as corrupt as false teaching.


The Scriptures long foretold of the age when false teachings would populate the minds of men, and as people begin to spend more and more time within an open network of connected minds (the internet), the chances for these prophecies coming true increase drastically.  There are many people out there, not all with virtuous intentions. Anyone with an ample amount of experience on the web will understand that there will always be those looking to deceive.


However not all who put forth false teaching do so with treacherous desires.  Even those who deceive could be victims of a lie themselves. Today it’s so easy to believe what simply sounds pleasing to the ear that we never think to fact check ourselves.  Almost no social media posts EVER contain something from the more straightforward and convicting portions of the word, but the pleasing-to-the-ear promises. In a short experiment performed by a Christian filmmaker, the masses gave praise to God for a phrase literally taken out of the devil’s mouth.  He posted Luke 4:7, without mentioning the sinister fact behind it, in an attempt to understand what Christians would not heed false teaching. Luke 4:7 states, “Worship me and all will be yours.” Satan spoke these words in his final desperate attempt to tempt Jesus. While He was not fooled, many Christians today almost without hesitation agreed wholeheartedly to a lying mouth.  Their biggest mistake being not waiting to fact check the verse.


This symbolizes the main problem with false teaching.  The people neglect to make certain that they know the Scriptures before falling for the devious tricks hanging out in the world.  Deceptions are first appealing to the eye, and have a tantalizing draw, but once it draws you in like a fish entranced by the aroma of bait, unbeknownst to you that it is but a mere deception, it will eventually cost you.  Without having a secure foundation in the Word, you are a possible victim of corrupt and false teachings.


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