Made in His image… (God is not ugly!!!!!)



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People at school often talk about not being “enough.”  Enough what?  Not beautiful enough, not strong enough, not thin enough, not tall enough.  It’s not too long before questions like these lead to the inevitable one, “Am I not good enough?”  After that, you contemplate taking your life to end the misery.

This world is filled with lies, constantly trying to get under your skin.  A result of such influence and lies is quite visible in today’s various mental obstructions .  The world tries to sell us that only those who are tall, muscular, handsome, flawless, as thin as possible, etc.   Think about this, when we are created in the image of God, and we complain that we aren’t beautiful or thin enough, are you calling God ugly?  Are we pointing out an error that He made in our creation?  The whole concept of God is that He is flawless, and if He is a flawless artist, then you are a work of wonder.  People starve themselves, with the never-ending notion that they are fat.  This psychological disorder destroys lives.  No matter what you’ve heard, your true worth isn’t measured in outward appearance.  It is measured by what’s in your heart.  More than all the money, the diamonds, and pearls is the worth of one human soul…


6 thoughts on “Made in His image… (God is not ugly!!!!!)

    1. Asking questions is a great way of getting people to think over . Jesus used the same approach – When Satan tried to confuse him , Jesus asked him a question ( with an answer in it ) . Keep up the good work


  1. Steven this is amazing! Reaching out to kids and elders and bring them closer to Jesus! Keep up the good inspiration for all of us! God bless you always ❤️


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