Jesus and the Townsfolk

The Key To Jesus Success Among the Common People

Jesus was a man of action.  Not only working physical miracles, but working miracles in the hearts of men through his actions.  Jesus led through service, and he taught by lowering himself to the level of a servant. This always comes off as a surprise, seeing as how many of the world’s most influential and powerful leaders don’t make it a practice to wash the feet of their followers.    


One might find it remarkable that a man in such high demand at the time would stoop down to the point of washing the dirty and travel-worn feet of his disciples.  However what we fail to realize is how such acts are what made Jesus so loved among the common people, and how he could reach and turn the hardest of hearts. What made Jesus appeal to all the ordinary civilians?  Though his Word was heavily regarded, his service changed people’s perspective of who He was. While most teachers of the time were harboring self-inflated egos and were victim to extreme hubris, Jesus made himself approachable to normal everyday citizens and many non-believers.


Now it is our turn to finish what He had started.  We are not called to exclude ourselves from people, but to open up and serve the people, and in doing so, we will spread the grace and love of, Jesus Christ, by living by his example.

thinkaboutit. . .



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