As Martin Luther King day has just passed, I wanted to take a second to think about the late activist.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a regular man, but portrayed all the aspects of one with a potential.  He was called to be much more than just a bystander.  Potential.  A word that must never be misused.  Potential is a powerful weapon, a sword by which we can change the world.


Potential is something invested in each of us, like a seed.  Now a seed is worthless till it is watered, given sunlight, and fresh air.  Before the seed can become a mighty tree, it must be tended, taken care of.  Just believing that you have potential is not sufficient to produce the ripe products that can come from what you can do with your potential.  You must work on it, strengthen it, till it blossoms into a beautiful tree, yielding much fruit.


Likewise,  a seed that lands in fertile soil will grow, but a seed that lands on parched ground won’t, but a cactus plant will easily thrive in such desert conditions.  Each seed is different, like everyone’s calling.  We are each here to do something different, and each part is important.


However, if you neglect your potential, the seed will be forgotten, and will be choked out by weeds.  If you don’t tend to the potential you’ve been given, it will die out, and in it’s place will grow weeds, that will spread through you.  If the good is forgotten, the bad will flourish.


Remember my friends to never forget that each of you has a powerful potential to change the world, never, ever let it go to waste.

thinkaboutit. . .



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