At First Glance: First Impressions

Before I start school I always remember one important thing, making the best first impression.  Why are first impressions so important anyway?  More importantly, how can you make a good one.  Well, we’ll learn all of that in this blog.


Why are first impressions so important:


  1. When a person sees you first you are evaluated based on the way you act.  Your first impression determines what that person thinks of you for the rest of your life.
  2. First impressions are nearly impossible to reverse, what your first impression reveals about you stays with that person forever.


How to make a good first impression:


  1. Be confident!  If the person you are meeting knows you are not confident in yourself, he/she will not take you seriously.
  2. Stay calm.  If you are uncomfortable and a little jumpy, the person you are meeting will also feel the same way.
  3. Your appearance goes a long way to show a thing or two about you.  Be presentable!
  4. A strong smile.  Smile warmly when you meet a new person for the first time.
  5. Posture is key.  Keep your chin and head up and stand up straight.
  6. A firm handshake.  When you meet a person, a firm handshake shows you have a confident and strong personality.


Hopefully this post was a help to you about why first impressions are important and how to make a good one.




What are some other ways to make a good first impressions?

thinkaboutit. . .




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