Puppet Trick

A three year old I know came upstairs with me at 12:00 at night.  Nobody was up there and it was pretty spooky, but he was so frightened that I went downstairs and told him to follow, he ran down and when I told there was nothing to be afraid of he told me about a vampire.  I was shocked that a kid so small should know what it is.  Now think about why he was afraid of seeing a vampire.  In his mind, his imagination created a scenario including a vampire, but every imagination has an influence.  Some time back he had seen or heard of a vampire, and his mind played with that memory, creating a type of puppet show in his mind, which in turn created the fear at that every moment.  His memories of a vampire created a virtual puppet show which scared him silly.  That is fear from your imagination, influenced by memories from your subconscious.


Sterex Observation:

Baby Fear

I have noticed that this type of fear is most commonly found in the smaller age group.  Around 2 to 8.  Older children have progressed more and they have had more experience which drilled the fact that things that are not real shouldn’t be scary to you into their heads, they end up losing that fear.  Looks like the puppet trick has already played its rounds on them.


There are many ways to face this type of fear, what are some? 

thinkaboutit. . .




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