What is Fear?

We’ve all seen this type of scenario.  You tell your kid it isn’t a good idea to be watching monster movies before bedtime, but they do it anyway.  Now what happens when they should go to bed?  “Mommy, I’m scared,” that is what happens.  That is fear, but fear because of something that influences it.  All kids know monsters aren’t real, but they can’t help fearing the fact of meeting one.  This is fear that is influenced by things that are not real, which the mind has conjured in your imagination.  Psychological puppets if you will.  Another type of fear is fear of things that are real, a fear of what is to come, or what you are already going through.  The final fear if reverence, fear as in respect.  We will explore all these types of fear throughout the next few blogs.  See you all soon!

thinkaboutit. . .



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