Metamorphosis: Out with the Old, In with the New

Change.  We all hate change, but it is necessary for life.  Now why do we hate change? Change forces us to step out of our comfort zones, to adapt to a new way of life.  I want to inspire you to take that leap into the deep end, go the extra mile.  Endure change like a butterfly.

Something we learn at a very young age is about a butterfly’s growth.  One of the most fun projects I’ve ever done was caring for them in, from the egg stage, all the way to their adulthood.  We all know butterflies start out as an egg and progresses to become a larva, a caterpillar.  Then it spins a protective chrysalis, and inside that chrysalis, the larva will literally melt down, and reform as a butterfly.  Metamorphosis is a complete change of one form to another.  Not a partial re-adjustment, a complete change.  Many of the world’s greatest are where they are today because they yielded to the metamorphosis they went through, An example of a person who never let change get the best of him was Walt Disney.  Early in his career Disney started Laugh-o-Grams, a company supplying shorts to other theatres across Kansas City.  However, he lacked the financial acumen to support his wild ideas.  Therefore, he endured the change of shutting down his first company, his first love, and living in his office.  This is where he went through his metamorphosis.  He spent whatever money he had left and left for Hollywood to start Disney, now one of the world’s greatest media empires.  The changes he underwent helped him make a difference.

Sterex Observation

Go With the Flow

So, don’t fight the change; accept the change, and if you work your season just right, out of your life will emerge something beautiful.

 Change is difficult, what are some tricks we can use to help us through it?

Leave your answer in the comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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