Pride comes before a fall!!

There was a rich man named Ferdinand.  He was rich enough, they say, to make the kings jealous.  With so much wealth he should have been humble, but he was very, very proud.

One day when he was reading the morning paper a word caught his eye: tsunami.  “A tsunami!” he yelled.  Not bothering to read the rest of the paper he got to work designing a ship to sail away from the tsunami.  “I shall make the best escape vessel the world has ever seen; even God can’t sink it!” he boasted.  He planned to sail far from his homeland, so he built an enormous ship and set sail for a faraway land.

As you might know, tsunamis are disasters that occur without warning; but rich Ferdinand was so pride filled that he ignored this basic fact.  One night when Ferdinand was snoozing away in his cabin on his ship, there was a terrible storm taking place outside.

Ship in a storm

The winds howled so loud that eventually it woke up Ferdinand.  “Ye might as well give up now!” yelled Ferdinand shaking his fist at the sky, “You can’t sink it!  You can’t sink it!  You caaaaaannnn . . . .”  with that an enormous wave lifted the boat off it’s bottom and brought it to the deepest depths of the deep blue.

Now, the Sterex observation:

Take it down a notch, or you’re gonna be in a knot!

  • Ferdinand’s own pride and bloated self-esteem brought a sudden end to his rich life.
  • Do you see the connection to the tragic end of the RMS Titanic.  Some 1500 people were on board the colossal ocean liner.  It was so big that it couldn’t turn away from the iceberg in time.  It’s size was what made many believe it was unsinkable, but it’s size worked against it.
  • “The ship that stood for mankind’s confidence instantly became a symbol of our overconfidence.”  – courtesy

“The Lord Almighty has a day in store for all the proud and lofty, for all that is exalted (and they will be humbled),” – Isaiah 2:12

I’d love to here your comments on this little story, so please comment on it!

thinkaboutit. . .



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